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Nearly 1,000 breast cancer research and treatment specialists convene in Manchester to discuss the latest scientific and clinical advances.
Team BCRF 2017
Learn how you can become a Team BCRF runner in this year’s 26.2-mile race
For two nights only, tennis all-stars will match up to support breast cancer research.
Guidelines in treating older cancer patients are lacking. BCRF researchers want to change that.
Dr. Lawrence Shulman discusses his work developing innovative approaches to breast cancer care in the developing world.
Researchers aim to better understand potential treatment pathways for breast cancer patients
BCRF investigator Elizabeth Comen discusses her collaboration with BCRF researcher Dr. Sohail Tavazoie in developing a blood test to reduce unnecessary biopsies.
In Part Two of our prevention series, we highlight the importance of exercise in breast cancer prevention.
In Part One of our prevention series, we explain the science behind maintaining a healthy weight.
Our series focuses on sharing evidence-based tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.