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Dr. Levy-Lahad discusses improving genetic screening in high-risk populations for early detection and prevention
a doctor administers a bandage on a female patient after a shot
Answers to common questions about navigating COVID-19 and breast cancer
headshot of dr. susan domcheck with the words "watch video" to click to see her interview
Dr. Susan Domchek breaks down results from the game-changing OlympiA trial
Dr. Katherine Nathanson shares her research on breast cancer gene mutations, the breakthrough CARRIERS study, and more
a younger woman stands in front of her doctor to prepare for a breast exam, their faces aren't shown
Explaining this aggressive breast cancer subtype: what it is, how it's treated, and how research is improving outcomes
Meet this year’s recipients and learn about their BCRF-supported projects
scientist looks at a microscope up close
One of the major initiatives of BCRF’s Evelyn H. Lauder Founder’s Fund for Metastatic Breast Cancer, reported promising results from analyses of more than 300 primary and metastatic tumors
a closeup of a pipette in a lab with a pink tone to the image
BCRF investigators and others presented promising trial results
a screenshot of lori pierce delivering her asco president's address at this year's annual meeting
Improving health equity and outcomes, particularly for Black women, was a central theme of this year’s meeting
a doctor administers a bandage on a female patient after a shot, illustrative of vaccines
We highlight the promise and potential of breast cancer vaccines and how BCRF investigators are working in this area of research