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a covid-19 vaccine being drawn out by a needle against a light pink background
Answers to common questions about navigating COVID-19 and breast cancer
A rendering of T-cells attacking cancer cells
Researchers hope to improve the immune response to T-cell and personalized CAR T-cell targeted therapies
An older Black woman sits with her doctor for a consultation, both are wearing masks
Research among the first to investigate immune cells in breast tumor microenvironments by race
a doctor holds the hand of an older patient
How the disease affects aging Americans—and what additional research is still needed to improve care and outcomes
patient and doctor holding hands
Several sessions at SABCS highlighted our gains against this aggressive form of breast cancer—and the challenges that still remain
Doctor wearing a lab coat and mask holding a clip board speaks to a patient
Investigators presented key findings for this aggressive form of breast cancer
DCIS tumor cells
Studies looked at ways to improve risk prediction and dug deeper into the biology of stage 0 breast cancer
More progress needs to be made to improve outcomes for Black women. Here’s how BCRF investigators are addressing the challenge.
woman receives a CT scan of her brain, photo shows woman lying down as body enters machine
At SABCS 2020, investigators shared current research findings and more