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Screenshot of healthy natural killer cells attacking invading breast tumor cells.
Study is the first to show that breast cancer cells can manipulate natural killer immune cells and opens up a promising new avenue for research
Three generations of women looking at a new baby girl in the family
Family history, race and ethnicity are breast cancer risk factors that have long been part of the BCRF research agenda
an illustration of a breast tumor cell in orange against a black background
This year’s virtual meeting included clinical trial presentations focused on these cancers
chemotherapy IV against blue background
This year’s virtual meeting included a number of clinical trial presentations focused on these cancers
Portrait of the late Dr. Bernard Fisher
The symposium, which focuses on clinical research, was inaugurated at this year’s annual ASCO meeting
A screengrab from PhysiCell software showing covid-19 cells in bright colors
A mathematical modeling software initially created to analyze breast cancer cells is now helping investigators understand SARS-CoV-2
pill pack of statins (cholesterol medication) on wood table
Dr. Andrew Ewald and colleagues report that ubiquitous statins selectively kill cancerous cells and open up a new area for research
physician-researcher with a patient
How the patient experience is informing research from the bench to bedside
Test tubes in a research lab
Researchers present findings on PARP inhibitors and novel immunotherapy combinations at the first of two virtual AACR conferences
Dr. Matthew Ellis in his lab at Baylor College of Medicine.
In the first study of its kind, Dr. Matthew Ellis demonstrates the clinical value of scaled down proteogenomic analysis of breast tumor biopsies