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BCRF investigators discuss strategies to improve treatment in ER-positive breast cancer at the annual meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research.
BCRF investigator Kornelia Polyak explains how tumors become a mixture of cells and how this relates to metastatic breast cancer.
BCRF investigators Fabrice André, Sarat Chandalapaty, and Nikhil Wagle address the challenges of resistance to CDK4/6 inhibitors.
ESR1 gene fusions drive resistance to endocrine therapies in some tumors and are a new potential target to develop drugs to overcome resistance
BCRF investigators report DNA modifications in breast cancer risk genes may be a result of combined genetic and environmental causes.
BCRF investigators join forces to launch BFOR, an innovative study offering genetic testing for women and men of Ashkenazi Jewish ancestry.
A computer modeling system developed by BCRF investigators allows scientists to simulate tumor cell behavior.
Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love and intimacy, but a breast cancer diagnosis can get in the way.
BCRF investigators report that women at a healthy weight but with high levels of body fat may have an increased risk of breast cancer after menopause.
A study led by BCRF investigator Fergus Couch has shown that 54 BRCA2 variants of uncertain clinical significance are likely to be associated with an increased risk of breast or ovarian cancer.