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An upcoming clinical trial will evaluate the use of contrast enhanced mammography as a breast cancer screening option for women with dense breast tissue
While breast cancer is commonly seen in women, men can develop the disease too.
In a new study, BCRF researcher Dr. Andrew Ewald and his team made a discovery that could lead to lifesaving targeted treatments.
Dr. Kornelia Polyak and her team identified covert activity in two cancer cell populations that drive breast cancer metastasis.
Family history, race and ethnicity are breast cancer risk factors that have long been part of the BCRF research agenda.
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Diet, Lifestyle and Breast Cancer Risk
The meeting included several updates on BCRF-supported studies on metastatic breast cancer.
The meeting included several updates on BCRF-supported clinical trials.
ASCO President and BCRF investigator Dr. Monica Bertagnolli shares how data sharing can help doctors inform treatment discussions.