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Mammography x

A doctor looks at a patient's mammogram

As the pandemic has stretched on for more than half a year, many women are undoubtedly wondering: Should I go in for my annual mammogram? Is it safe?

This article, written by Dr. Marc Hurlbert, was originally published in Everyday Health 

The Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF), the nation’s highest rated breast cancer organization and the world’s largest non-profit funder of breast cancer research this year, offered  perspective on the newly released mammography guidelines.

Grid Reasercher Headshot - Cazap Eduardo

BCRF sat down with Dr. Eduardo Cazap to discuss his current work and interest in breast cancer research. Read on to learn more.


Q: You've been an oncologist in Argentina for over 30 years. What brought you to breast cancer research?

New York Times Magazine article, titled "Our Feel-Good War on Breast Cancer," raises the important question, among others: When it comes to breast cancer, are we doing more harm than good?