Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Breast cancer is a complex disease…

with no simple solution. That’s why our researchers are investigating it from every angle. Learn more about our areas of focus and why each one is critical to stopping cancer from the start, slowing its progress, and one day preventing it altogether.


Every cancer is as unique as each patient. Thanks to research, we now know that no two cancers are the same and have evolved from one-size-fits-all treatments to tailored therapies and more effective drugs. With more personalized treatment comes improved outcomes. Our researchers know that a treatment’s benefits, as well as its risks, differ for each person. The type of breast cancer, the stage of the disease and the characteristics of the tumor, along with one’s lifestyle and medical history, are all taken into consideration. Our aim? To find the least invasive, most effective option that will minimize adverse effects while maximizing success for each patient. We like to call this “outsmarting cancer.”

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Aleix Prat, MD, PhD

Aleix Prat, MD, PhD is a medical oncologist and serves as Head of the Medical Oncology Department at the Hospital Clinic Barcelona, Head of Translational...

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