When I first met Evelyn Lauder, she inspired me with her vision: to create an international movement to end breast cancer.

A woman who accomplished whatever she set her mind to, Evelyn made this vision a reality. In creating the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 1993, she not only made breast cancer an issue of global importance, she also set into motion what would turn into more than two decades of unprecedented progress. By putting money in the hands of the most brilliant minds in medical science, she provided them the freedom and financial security to put their best ideas into action. As a result, BCRF forever changed the course of cancer research. 

I greatly admired Evelyn’s unwavering commitment and smart, business-like approach to tackling cancer so, in 2001, when she asked me to take the reins as BCRF’s president, I was honored to join her. For 10 years, we worked side by side to grow the organization and make BCRF a catalyst for scientific change. 

After her death in 2011, I, along with her devoted husband Leonard A. Lauder, embraced her mission and made it our own. We continue to carry her pink torch and remain committed in our promise to her and to the millions of women and men affected by this global epidemic. Thank you to all the individuals, companies, organizations, physicians and scientists whose dedication and support are helping save more and more lives, every day. Together, we will be the end of breast cancer.


Myra J. Biblowit
President and CEO