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CUUP is a direct to consumer bra company with a mission to support women both figuratively and literally. Their bras are designed out of breathable and flexible fabrics, not using memory foam. CUUP aims to support our women by forming a community and facilitating a conversation about the most intimate topics that are inherently female. In this incredibly authentic and imactful campaign, last October, CUUP donated 20% of sales from the Blush Demi Bra to fund critical breast cancer research. Along with hosting an intimate evening of self-care and awareness to support BCRF and facilitate important conversations around breast health.

CUUP an incredible brand working to raise awareness for research and prevention as well as drive results. CUUP strongly believes brands should be catalysts for change, and we are proud to have CUUP as a part of the partner family!


20% of the purchase price


October 2019

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