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BCRF is proud to welcome Mugzle to the partner family! The brand supports BCRF year-round by donating $5 for every BCRF Mugzle sold to BCRF.

Hello, my name is Stuart, and I invented the Mugzle during a challenging time in my life. In 2009, working in the automotive design industry near Flint, Michigan, things where rough. Lack of work, many businesses around me were filing for bankruptcy, friends where losing their homes, and my future was just not clear.

One day while sitting in my office, I started looking at a mug which has sat on a bookshelf for years. I realized there is something about that mug - it was given to me by someone who valued it - in return I valued it. Next to that mug was another item I valued, a cool three-dimensional alligator wood puzzle that I got in Florida years earlier. Within seconds I knew there was a life changing moment - that “aha moment” - make a mug into a puzzle.  Why not!

I grew up in Michigan, surrounded with the belief that products need to be made in the U.S.A. I felt this was a great opportunity for me to make this a reality! It was not such a straightforward process.   I needed to learn how to make a design that was different and functional; create a recognizable name for the product; figure out material options, the manufacturing and patent process; create packaging worthy of the product; and become an expert in retailing, ecommerce, website design, just to name a few. Hence the Mugzle was born!

It became clear I had a unique product. I felt a portion of the sales should go to organizations who support others dealing with challenges in their life. Finding the right organization was tough, but one day during my travels on a Delta Airline flight I was given a great opportunity to meet Myra, President of Breast Cancer Research Foundation (BCRF).  Wow is a simple word, but after hearing about BCRF’s mission, the energy focused on finding a cure for cancer it became clear to me that I wanted to give a portion of each sale to BCRF. With your purchase we can!

Today, after many years of learning, I am proud to say that it all came together! Yes, it had its ups and downs, but I hope you see or realize, when the future is not clear, just look at the simple things in front of you. Like an everyday mug sitting on a bookshelf, it’s not fancy, it is not complex, but it can change your life if you want to accept reinventing your future.

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