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Trish McEvoy


BCRF is proud to welcome Trish McEvoy as a Corporate Partner in 2020.

About Trish McEvoy: Before ever putting her name on a beauty product, Trish McEvoy had a fundamental belief: makeup should be joyful and simple—a way to celebrate oneself. Since launching her namesake brand in 1975, this philosophy has continued to ring true as Trish McEvoy has mastered creating effortless makeup tools, results-producing skincare and makeup, and mood-setting fragrances. She has remained ahead of the curve creating collections that emphasize minimalism and sustainability, changing the face of makeup with her patented, iconic Power of Makeup® Planner. As a makeup artist and co-founder of the first-ever medi-spa with her dermatologist husband, she spent her career working with women of every age, every attitude, every lifestyle. She makes confidence-building connections with her clients everywhere and it continues to be her mission every day. For Trish, beauty is personal. See you in the mirror!



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