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Partner Since 2021

Total Contribution

$ 75,000

Hours of Research Funded

+ 1,500

About the Program

BCRF and nutribullet® have proudly partnered since 2021. Committed to breast cancer research, nutribullet® supported BCRF in 2021 by donating $25,000, regardless of sales, in connection with the promotion of the nutribullet® Pro in soft pink. This year, nutribullet® doubled its commitment to $50,000, bringing the brand’s total amount funded to $75,000. With 1,500 hours of research funded to date, nutribullet® is helping BCRF spread the message of the important role healthy eating plays in breast cancer prevention.

About nutribullet®

nutribullet® believes that good nutrition has the power to transform lives and that everyone deserves the best nutrition. Since 2003, the company has been on a mission to inspire and enable transformational nutrition for people all around the world. nutribullet® does this by designing and delivering an ecosystem of products and services that strive to integrate better nutrition into everyday life. With over 80 million happy customers worldwide, the brand’s family of products are available directly from and Amazon, and can be found at most major North American retailers and around the globe. The company’s goal is to make nutrition simple, easy, and impactful.