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Faced with radiotherapy for breast cancer, ComfortSlings Founder, Elizabeth Silver, created a cushioned sling to minimize the burning side effects on the skin beneath her breast. It was remarkably effective:  the wicking fabric prevented accumulation of perspiration and the soft cushions protected her skin from the abrasion of skin to skin contact.  With the support of doctors, Elizabeth tested this device with several other women undergoing radiation; they reported significantly reduced and/or delayed skin reactions. Encouraged by this success, she developed new comfort products to include:

  • Single Slings:  Designed specifically for women receiving radiation beneath one breast
  • Double Slings:   For relief during radiation as well as protection for all large-breasted women suffering from under-breast skin rash problems ranging from general irritation to radiation burns. 
  • Strapless Cushioned Pads:  worn inside the bra cup as a supplement to the Single and the Double Slings

ComfortSlings is pleased to offer these highly effective cushioned products to women everywhere and is proud to donate five percent of every sale to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.