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Tarnish-Me-Not is an aerosol spray that creates a hypoallergenic barrier on jewelry to prevent metal tarnishing and irritating skin allergies caused by jewelry. This innovative solution has partnered with BCRF to donate $1.00 per bottle to help fight for the cause that inspired this women-owned company.

Tarnish-Me-Not was founded by three young women who devote their success to the breast cancer survivor that encouraged their journey as entrepreneurs. CEO, Tatiana Tara Arslanouk’s mother was diagnosed with stage three breast cancer during her third pregnancy, while Tatiana was just thirteen years old at the time. It was because of cancer research that she survived and carried out a healthy pregnancy to full term. Tatiana’s mother has always served as a strong female figure to the founders; and her fight against breast cancer became a symbol that motivated them to dedicate their success towards the strongest women in the world while they fight the greatest battle for their lives. Through their partnership with BCRF, Tarnish-Me-Not is connecting women all over the world to empower each other to feel strong and beautiful.