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Wearing4Life dog tags and collars


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Wearing4Life is a social entrepreneurship that generates donations through product purchase. Over the years, pet owners have shown support for various charities by wearing bracelets, pins and other accessories. It is now time for our pets, as the most trusted, loyal members of our families, to take a stand and support causes by joining the Wearing4Life movement.
Wearing4Life is a California based woman-owned corporation structured under similar principles as Newman’s Own. We are offering a unique vehicle to generate significant charitable contributions on a national basis by allowing our pets to partner with us. Wearing4Life raises funds for charitable organizations by creating and selling unique items to be worn by pets. We are proud to join BCRF’s Survivor's Circle Program and will do all that we can to help.

Our tags sell for $8.99 and collars sell for $13.99. For each item purchased, $1.00 goes back to charity. We continue to add new items to our site so please check back often.