Cancer Sucks Handbags

Individually handprinted leather bags with the logo Cancer Sucks.

Lisa Harbert is an entrepreneur, former HR executive and a double cancer survivor. Lisa was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015 and uterine cancer in 2016. She is passionate about supporting BCRF’s mission to end breast cancer and is continuing her tremendous support launching her business, Cancer Sucks Handbags. Lisa has teamed up with BCRF and an artist, Catherine Mariasch, the founder of Mariasch Studios, Inc., to create a beautiful handbag with a powerful message. Catherine was compelled to volunteer her time to help Lisa in the fight against cancer as her mother, a breast cancer survivor, succumbed to COVID-19 together with her father in April 2020. She found this project a way to honor them in this very difficult time.

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  • Donation

    20% of the purchase price of every handbag

  • Suggested Retail Price $225.00
  • Availability

    Year-round, while supplies last