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For Jillian Giuffre, her belief in the power of breast cancer research came after a tragic loss. Her best friend’s mother died of the disease, after living with breast cancer for years.

Joey Friedman has only one memory of his mother. She passed away from breast cancer when he was just four years old. Since then, the 29-year-old Virginia native has watched other family members receive cancer diagnoses.

Arianna Bertolotti was only nine years old when her aunt was diagnosed with breast cancer. While her memories during that time are faint, today she sees how her aunt’s life has been forever altered by her diagnosis.

When Ray Brown’s wife Tammy was diagnosed with breast cancer last October he immediately wanted to do something to advance breast cancer research.

Babacar Diop's grandmother and two great-aunts were diagnosed with breast cancer well before he was born. However he remembers hearing chilling stories about how these three strong matriarchs bonded over their shared diagnoses.

Kristopher Tung remembered the emotional moment when his daughter’s soccer club presented a $4,000 check to BCRF. It was four years ago and one of the players’ mothers, a breast cancer survivor, gave a brief speech that brought him to tears.

When her mom was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer, Ally Zimmerman felt helpless. Living in New York City with her family living more than 600 miles away, the number of phone calls and text messages to stay up to date with her mom’s treatment never seemed enough.

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Two years ago, Mike Nelson was confronted with devastating news: his wife Christi’s first mammogram had detected breast cancer. After a year of treatment that included chemotherapy, surgery and radiation, he thought she was on the road to recovery.

Tim Chipp was in college when his mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. That was back in 2004. Today, after radiation therapy and surgery his mother is doing well.