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Doctor wearing a lab coat and mask holding a clip board speaks to a patient
Investigators presented key findings for this aggressive form of breast cancer
DCIS tumor cells
Studies looked at ways to improve risk prediction and dug deeper into the biology of stage 0 breast cancer
Data show that more progress needs to be made to close the gap. Here’s how BCRF investigators are addressing the challenge.
screenshot of three researchers speaking from their homes for BCRF's virtual Hampton's symposium
Researchers discussed everything from dietary recommendations to disparities—and much more
photo of a wooden house with lines to divide it into fourths to represent estate planning, on a blue
Consider “finally write my will” as one of your New Year's resolutions—and take advantage of BCRF’s free tool to make the process easy
a portrait of yen wearing a blue shirt smiling
Yen Lam credits research for helping her survive invasive lobular carcinoma and get back to what she loves: running
screenshot of four researchers speaking from their homes as part of  BCRF's virtual Boston symposium
In a wide-ranging conversation, researchers discussed COVID-19, clinical trials, artificial intelligence, and more
woman receives a CT scan of her brain, photo shows woman lying down as body enters machine
At SABCS 2020, investigators shared current research findings and more
Follow these research-backed tips to maintain a healthy lifestyle
portrait of uma iyengar
HER2-positive breast cancer once had one of the worst prognoses. Thanks to new therapies made possible by research, people like Uma Iyengar have cures.