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portrait of mackenzie smiling and looking at the camera
Mackenzie Dougherty credits research for helping her be proactive about her health—and detect triple-negative breast cancer early
Four female golfers wearing masks stand on a golf course as part of a Play for PINK fundraiser
The sports and activities-based nonprofit galvanized golf and tennis clubs around the country to safely support critical research
Dr. Pierce discusses radio-resistance, improving access to care, and how a few broken bones led her to a career in radiation.
Portrait of Erika Stallings, looking away from the camera and smiling in a red shirt and gold neckla
Previvor and BRCA2 mutation carrier Erika Stallings credits research for arming her with information to take steps to reduce her risk of breast cancer
An older Black woman sits with her doctor for a consultation, both are wearing masks
Research among the first to investigate immune cells in breast tumor microenvironments by race
BCRF investigators join the 2020 virtual Westchester Hot Pink "Evening with the Experts" event
Three BCRF-supported researchers discuss the latest advances in breast cancer screening, risk prediction, metastatic treatment, and more
glass vials depicting the covid-19 vaccine conceptually
Answers to common questions about navigating COVID-19 and breast cancer
a doctor holds the hand of an older patient
How the disease affects aging Americans—and what additional research is still needed to improve care and outcomes
portrait of the bytnar family outside at misty's graduation from pharmacy school
After Lucas Bytnar’s mother passed of breast cancer in December, the high schooler hoped to raise a few hundred dollars for BCRF on Twitch. Little did he know his stream would go viral.
Dr. Vered Stearns discusses researching ways to reduce breast cancer recurrence through effective weight-loss interventions and why we need to bring more discoveries from the lab to the clinic