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Two women do push ups
Cardio and strength training aren't just good for boosting your mood and keeping weight off. Here's how breast cancer and exercise are linked.
Couple holding hands in front of a sunset
BCRF investigators share common symptoms and their advice for talking with your doctor.
April (left) at her decked-out store wearing pink
To honor a close friend who died of breast cancer, April Barnes has thrown a pink party for her community that has raised more than $20,000 for breast cancer research over the last decade.
Learn how you can become a Team BCRF runner in this year’s 26.2-mile race
After losing her mother to breast cancer and being diagnosed herself, Ouidad is committed to supporting research.
Imagining a World Without Cancer
BCRF has long supported research and infrastructure development in low-resource settings and high-risk populations in the U.S. and abroad. In recognition of World Cancer Day, we're highlighting the global work of BCRF investigator Dr. Funmi Olopade.
Researchers presented new findings on the management of ER-positive breast cancer.
The results provide further evidence that it’s never too late to take steps to reduce the likelihood of developing the disease.
Researchers shared new findings on potential methods of predicting patient outcome.
Dr. Christine Ambrosone’s findings support a recommendation that breast cancer patients use caution when taking antioxidant supplements during treatment.