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Thanks to Blizzard Entertainment, $12.7 million will be directed to support research into understanding, preventing, and treating breast cancer.
When a pregnant woman is diagnosed with breast cancer, treatment must consider the woman’s cancer but also the potential risks to the fetus.
The mother of two and her family are committed to supporting lifesaving research.
Stress, breast cancer, and the science of survivorship
Diagnosed at 39 with triple negative breast cancer, Marenda credits research for giving her the ability to pursue her dreams.
Diagnosed with male breast cancer at age 49, Michael credits research with his positive outcome.
Dr. Sofia Merajver’s work has improved patients’ lives, including her own.
Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at 28, Robin Browne is now in remission after experiencing a complete response from a clinical trial.
Husband and wife team, Marlene and Alan Comella, have organized an annual BCRF fundraiser that has donated over $116,000.