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Meet Our Team

We have some of the most talented people working on our team. Day in and day out, BCRF staff is dedicated to making the prevention and end of cancer a reality.
Myra J. Biblowit
When I first met Evelyn Lauder, she inspired me with her vision: to create an international movement to end breast cancer. A woman who accomplished whatever she set her mind to, Evelyn made this vision a reality. In creating the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 1993, she not only made breast cancer an issue of global importance, she also set into motion what would turn into over two decades of unprecedented progress. Read more
Foundation Administration
Lisa C. Risi, CPA
Chief Operating Officer
Lucia Yoo
Executive Assistant to the President
Karen Parrinello
Senior Accounting Manager
Erica Fordyce
Associate, Finance
Robyn Maslan
Foundation Assistant and Office Manager
Sara Dougherty
Accounting Associate
Research & Grants
Dorraya El-Ashry, PhD
Chief Scientific Officer
Margaret Flowers, PhD
Director, Research Programs
Sarah Boll, LMSW
Assistant Director, Grants Program Administration
Karin C. Lilja, PhD
Scientific Program Manager
Communications & Engagement
Meghan Finn
Chief Communications and Engagement Officer
Kathleen Tripp
Managing Director, Digital
Sadia H. Zapp
Managing Director, Communications
Deanna Clevesy
Assistant Director, Communications & Engagement
Zoƫ Mintz
Assistant Director, Digital Communications
Christine Ward
Senior Manager, Community Fundraising
Christi Capazzo
Assistant, Communications
Corporate Partnerships
Stephanie Kauffman
Chief Partnerships Officer
Chanelle G. Church
Managing Director, Partnerships
Ashley Dehler
Director, Partnerships
Lindsay Moreau
Assistant Director, Partnerships
Felicia Steinberg
Senior Associate, Partnerships
Development & Events
Lucretia Gilbert
Chief Development Officer & Executive Director, The Pink Agenda
Katherine E. Minster
Managing Director, Board Relations & Major Gifts
Isabelle Van Hook
Philanthropy Officer, Major Gifts
Rebecca Wasserman
Director, Development & Regional Events
Katie Anderson
Director, Development & Signature Events
Sarah Schwartz
Director, Development
Serra Eken
Director, The Pink Agenda
Annabel Barnes
Associate Director, Development & Signature Events
Amanda C. Johnson
Associate Director, Stewardship & Donor Relations
Julia Knight
Assistant Director, Strategic Development Initiatives
Brittany Nuttall
Associate Director, Database & Donor Services
Kelly Keenan
Assistant Director, The Pink Agenda
Paul West
Senior Manager, Development & Signature Events
Robin Body
Senior Manager, Development & Events
Carol Edwards
Senior Manager, Gift Administration & Independent Events
Samantha Chinsky Rana
Senior Manager, Development & Regional Events
Audrey Gray
Manager, Development & Regional Events
Sabrina Paul
Manager, Database & Donor Analytics
Chris Wey
Senior Data Processor
Ines Torres
Database Assistant
Emily Poznanski
Senior Associate, Development
Play for P.I.N.K.
Stephanie Hamburger
Executive Director
Lauren Gales
Assistant Director, Play for P.I.N.K.
Nancy Andujar
Associate, Play for P.I.N.K.