Donna McKay
  • Donna McKay

    President & CEO

Foundation Administration

  • Lisa C. Risi, CPA

    Chief Operating Officer

  • Lucia Yoo

    Director, President’s Office

  • Nicole Buzzelli

    Managing Director, Human Resources

  • Karen Parrinello

    Assistant Director, Accounting

  • Erica Fordyce

    Associate, Finance

  • Sara Dougherty

    Finance and Office Manager

  • Olivia Pesci

    Donor Services Specialist

Research & Grants

  • Dorraya El-Ashry, PhD

    Chief Scientific Officer

  • Margaret Flowers, PhD

    Managing Director, Research Program

  • Marisa Rubio, PhD

    Associate Director, Research Program

  • Priya Malhotra, PhD

    Associate Director, Research Program

  • Diana Schlamadinger, PhD

    Associate Director, Research Program

  • Ashley Marion

    Senior Manager, Grants Administration

  • Jaime O’Brien

    Senior Associate, Research Program

Communications & Engagement

  • Meghan Finn

    Chief Communications and Engagement Officer

  • Kathleen Tripp

    Managing Director, Digital Communications

  • Sadia H. Zapp

    Managing Director, Communications

  • Elizabeth Sile

    Associate Director, Digital Communications

  • Christine Ward

    Assistant Director, Community Fundraising

  • Katlyn Lamb

    Senior Manager, Communications

  • Lexie Le

    Manager, Social Media

  • Simbi Ogbara

    Senior Associate, Communications

  • Gabrielle Smith

    Senior Associate, Community Fundraising

Corporate Partnerships

  • Ashley Dehler

    Managing Director, Partnerships

  • Lisa De Luca

    Managing Director, Business Development

  • Kelly Keenan

    Associate Director, Partnerships

  • Lauren Danzig

    Associate Director, Partnerships

  • Sarah Scheinholtz

    Manager, Partnerships

  • Sherry Chen

    Manager, Partnerships

  • Julia Cirincione

    Senior Associate, Business Development

  • Bailey Numbers

    Associate, Partnerships

Development & Events

  • Katherine E. Minster

    Interim Chief Development Officer

  • Katie Anderson

    Managing Director, Development & Signature Events

  • Rebecca Wasserman

    Managing Director, Development & Regional Events

  • Serra Eken

    Managing Director, Development and The Pink Agenda

  • Amanda C. Johnson

    Managing Director, Development & Legacy Giving

  • Heidi Ihrig

    Senior Director, Philanthropy & Major Gifts

  • Brittany Nuttall

    Director, Database & Donor Services

  • Bridget Stein

    Assistant Director, Development & Signature Events

  • Robin Body

    Assistant Director, Development & Donor Relations

  • Carol Edwards

    Assistant Director, Independent Events & Donor Services

  • Sarah MacCrae

    Philanthropy Officer, Major Gifts

  • Amy Lewis

    Senior Manager, Development & Signature Events

  • Samantha Chinsky Rana

    Senior Manager, Development & Regional Events

  • Audrey Gray

    Senior Manager, Development & Regional Events

  • John Kuyat

    Senior Manager, Communications & Events, The Pink Agenda

  • Jeremy Swack

    Manager, Development

  • Chavanie Joseph

    Manager, Database & Donor Analytics

  • Chris Wey

    Senior Data Processor

  • Sophia Fredericks

    Associate, Development

  • Nana Osei-Addo

    Associate, Database

  • Sarah Diggins

    Assistant, Development & Events

Play for P.I.N.K.

  • Stephanie Hamburger

    Executive Director, Play for P.I.N.K.

  • Lauren Gales

    Assistant Director, Play for P.I.N.K.

  • Emily Kramer

    Associate, Play for P.I.N.K.