In BCRF’s new webinar, two breast cancer thrivers and a researcher discuss rising incidence rates, talking to children about a diagnosis, and more

Cancer incidence is on the rise: In fact, there’s been an eight percent increase of breast cancer among younger women. The risk is particularly high for women who had their first child after 30. Two recent celebrity cancer diagnoses—actress Olivia Munn (43 years old) and Kate Middleton (42 years old)—have also called attention to the challenges that younger mom in particular face while undergoing cancer treatment.

To shine a light on this alarming trend and what it’s like to parent as a patient, last month BCRF hosted “Juggling Act: Balancing Motherhood and Breast Cancer.” In this virtual panel discussion, BCRF staffer and breast cancer thriver Sadia Zapp moderated a conversation with BCRF investigator Dr. Ann Partridge and maternal wellness and parenting expert and breast cancer thriver Marcella Kelson.

Both Zapp and Kelson were treated for breast cancer in their late 30s while caring for young children (read more about Zapp’s experience here). Dr. Partridge is one of the world’s foremost experts on the unique needs of young patients with breast cancer and the founder and director of Dana-Farber’s Young and Strong Program for Young Adults with Breast Cancer.

In their wide-ranging conversation, Dr. Partridge, Zapp, and Kelson discussed the groundbreaking BCRF-supported POSITIVE trial on pregnancy during treatment, talking to young children about breast cancer, and more. Watch “Juggling Act” above or on YouTube.

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