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Research Matters

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Why Breast Cancer Research?

Investing in research produces real results.

From exploring ways to prevent the disease to learning why some families are more susceptible, we know more about breast cancer today than ever before. Research is improving care, producing better outcomes and transforming lives—every day.

Advancing Our Understanding

Ever since cancer emerged, science and medicine have been there uncovering clues along the way. Today, more rapidly than ever, research is revolutionizing our understanding and bringing us closer to a cure. Discover how far we've come.

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Saving Lives, Improving Outcomes

Research isn't confined to a lab. These stories from doctors, patients, friends and loved ones affected by breast cancer inspire us to continue looking for answers.



"We haven’t figured out how or why breast cancer metastasizes yet. But research is the only thing that’s going to prevent my fate from happening to others.”

Meet Darby Stott


“Breast cancer is something that happened to me, but it doesn’t define me.”

Meet Sandy Yellin



"We want to solve problems that will ultimately improve public health. And we’ve moved the bar with BCRF’s help, but we have much more to do."

Meet Dr. Andrew Dannenberg

Finding Prevention and a Cure

Finding a cure isn't our only priority: our researchers are also focused on innovative ways to prevent breast cancer in future generations. Watch to learn more.