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From Research to Results

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Our Impact

We invest in research that's changing how we think about cancer. That means more answers, faster breakthroughs and treatment personalized for every patient. With three quarters of a billion dollars raised to date, that's progress. 

We Fund the Best Researchers in the World

At BCRF, we fund the game changers. Today, we support nearly 275 women and men through our grants to make a real difference and accelerate progress. Get to know them and learn about their projects.

Explore 25 years of breakthroughs

Since 1993, BCRF-supported scientists have been involved in every major advance in breast cancer research. Their discoveries have changed the trajectory of this disease forever."


Our Areas of Focus

Breast cancer is a complex disease with no simple solution, which is why our researchers are tackling it from every angle. Learn about our areas of focus and why each is critical to knowing how to fight cancer from the start, slow its progress and one day stop it from occurring altogether.

We've Been Saving Lives for Over 20 Years

Our research has impacted millions of women and men worldwide. With your help, we have raised more than half a billion dollars to accelerate advances and transform how we tackle breast cancer today. Explore some of the progress you have made possible.

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