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Pharaoun Cocktail Rings


Pharaoun Cocktail Rings is Sergio Andrés Mendoza’s testament to the strength of the women who molded and nurtured him, and is dedicated to his wife, whose death brought his desired legacy to the forefront of his life’s work. Sergio took his grief and translated it into gratitude not only for his wife, but for all the women around him.

“Women deserve to be honored, and I created Pharaoun Cocktail Rings to honor the women in my life," said Mendoza, "I find that in the chaos of every day, women forget themselves, their strength, their beauty, and their independence.  My hope is that each of my rings inspires the woman wearing it to be the best version of herself.” 

Sergio's wife Sarah died from metastatic breast cancer, and he designed a cocktail ring specifically to raise money for the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and its mission: to fund the research that will eradicate this disease once and for all.  The ring is named after his daughter Anaïs, and 100% of the purchase price of the Anaïs ring will be donated to BCRF and is available year-round.


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