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Researcher Q&A x

Larry Norton and Susan Hertog headshots
BCRF’s founding scientific director discusses important breakthroughs of the last three decades and those we’re on the cusp of realizing
Screenshot of a title slide introducing the video with Dr. Levy-Lahad's headshot
BCRF investigator Dr. Ephrat Levy-Lahad discusses inherited gene mutations and how identifying high-risk individuals changes outcomes in surprising ways
A doctor looks at a patient's mammogram
BCRF researcher Dr. Wendie Berg outlines what happened to breast screening in the early days of the pandemic—and what is safe now
Dr. Jeffrey Weitzel delves into historical, cultural, and anthropological roots, of disparities in breast cancer prevention and outcomes
Portrait of Dr. William Kaelin, Jr. in his lab at Dana-Farber
The Nobel Prize winner will receive award at BCRF’s first-ever Virtual Symposium and Awards Luncheon
The BCRF investigator speaks about her research—and the theme driving her forthcoming term
BCRF investigator Dr. Lisa Carey discusses how researchers are trying to bring personalized therapies to all forms of breast cancer
Dr. Mariana Chavez MacGregor talks preventing treatment delays among underserved populations
Designed graphic with Nancy LIn's headshot and call to action to click to watch the video interview
Dr. Nancy Lin discusses HER2CLIMB and the importance of including these often-excluded patients in breast cancer trials
Dr. Karen Anderson talks vaccines, immunotherapy, and preventing recurrence