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Portrait of Melissa with the words Research is the Reason on the image
Given a metastatic breast cancer diagnosis just months before the pandemic, Melissa Thompson shares why we need to “defy the odds” for patients like her
portrait of valencia
Valencia Suggs shares how research helped her recover from inflammatory breast cancer and pay it forward
A portrait of Len, who was diagnosed with male breast cancer
After he was diagnosed with male breast cancer, Len used his voice to educate others about this rare form of the disease
After losing her mother to breast cancer and being diagnosed herself, Ouidad is committed to supporting research.
Tracy McNeal, a mom of three, shares why research is critical to helping those facing triple negative breast cancer.
Diagnosed with HER2-positive breast cancer in 2014, Valorie Kondos Field shares why she believes in the power of research.
Natalie Rivera, a medical resident, wife and mom shares how research gives her hope during her breast cancer treatment.
BCRF researcher Dr. Priscilla Brastianos is driven by the memories of her grandmother and mother to find answers for those with metastatic breast cancer.
Actress Carly Hughes shares how research advancements improved her mother’s breast cancer prognosis.
Diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer at 32, Emily Garnett shares how research advancements have given her more time with her loved ones.