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How to Shop Responsibly When Buying Pink

By BCRF | November 7, 2014

BCRF partner Tanger Outlets offers tips for giving this holiday season

Here at BCRF we love to hear from our longstanding partners and learn more about their personal connection to our cause. We invited Tanger Outlets’ President and CEO Steve Tanger to share his thoughts on corporate responsibility and provide insight on shopping pink this holiday season. A BCRF partner since 2011, Tanger raised more than $1.3 million to support our world-class scientists dedicated to finding a cure.

The giving season generates much discourse about the over-usage of “pink” as a profit-motivated marketing tactic. Without a doubt, there are some companies that have less than charitable motives and for whom corporate citizenship is not a part of their DNA. But rather than paint all companies with the same “pink-washing” brush, it may serve the cause by investigating and understanding the underlying motivation of corporations seeking to support breast cancer awareness. 

For Tanger Outlets, supporting BCRF is more than just business—it’s personal. My mother is a breast cancer survivor of over 45 years, so this cause is deeply personal for me. The disease has also impacted a number of our customers, employees and tenants, directly and indirectly. This is Tanger Outlets’ motivation to support breast cancer awareness and research.  

Every year breast cancer affects millions of women across the world including our sisters, mothers, daughters and dear friends. It is important to recognize that all pink is not created equal.  Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying pink:

1)   Transparency is key. Know where your money goes and how much of your purchase supports breast cancer research. Products that do not directly state where the money goes should have you seeing red instead of pink.   Websites such as Charity Navigator and CharityWatch are great tools for assessing the efficiency and effectiveness of an organization. 

2)   Identify companies that have an active track record of corporate philanthropy and social responsibility. Look for businesses that have a legacy of supporting breast cancer research. Do not support companies that have little to no philanthropic presence. A company with a legacy of supporting breast cancer research also indicates authenticity and credibility behind their support.

3)   If you are not in the market for something pink right now, there are countless ways to get involved and support breast cancer research including donating directly or starting your own fundraiser. For more ideas, visit www.bcrfcure.org


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