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Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge Marks Big Milestone and Plans Exciting Year Ahead

By BCRF | March 21, 2022

The campaign celebrates raising more than $100,000 for research and expands team

In 2016, then-six-year-old Brynne Rhodes set up a pink lemonade stand to raise money for BCRF in honor of her mom, Kim. That first stand encouraged other kids to start lemonade stands for breast cancer research and has since blossomed into a successful nationwide campaign: the Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge (PLSC).

After expanding the program onto college campuses, hitting 36 states (and counting), and being featured in more than 50 news stories, the PLSC is marking another important milestone: surpassing $100,000 raised for BCRF’s research.

Now, they’ve set an inspiring goal to hit 50 stands in 50 days.

“I am incredibly grateful that I can inspire others to get involved in ending breast cancer,” said Brynne, now 13. “But I know that it was really all the heroes nationwide who sprang into action and all the donors who supported them that made achieving this goal possible. It is important to celebrate milestones, but this is just the beginning—you ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Looking forward, Kim and Brynne are thrilled to be bringing on another mother-daughter duo to help expand PLSC and motivate more people to #MakeAStand and #TurnItPink: Amy and six-year-old Hunter-Grace Boshell.

In 2019, while Amy, then 34, was undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer for the second time, she caught Brynne and Kim on TODAY talking about PLSC. Amy texted her friend and neighbor, Casey, telling her she wished she could start a stand with her daughter, then four years old, but she was feeling too exhausted from treatment. Inspired, Casey and her two daughters pulled out all the stops and hosted a stand in Amy’s honor.

“Even though her stand took place on a day I usually would not leave the house or couch/bathroom because I was so ill from treatment, I had to get there to at least get a cup of pink lemonade and make a donation,” Amy said. “Honestly, it sounds like an exaggeration, but I truly believe her having that stand changed my life and my future. I saw a way to make a difference moving forward and to show my daughter that we can use the hard times in our life for good and give others hope.”

Last summer, with treatment finally behind Amy, she and Hunter-Grace hosted their first stand and exceeded all expectations—raising an incredible $8,000 with support from local businesses and their family and friends. Amy and Hunter-Grace’s first stand broke records for PLSC’s most successful lemonade stand.

Since that first stand, Amy and Hunter-Grace have hosted lemonade stands in Ohio, where they live, and West Virginia, and to date, the duo has raised nearly $15,000 for BCRF. Now they are getting even more involved with PLSC. Amy has joined the nationwide effort as executive director and Hunter-Grace joins Brynne as a spokesperson for the campaign.

To motivate other kids to start lemonade stands for research, Hunter-Grace sweetly says:

“You should do a pink lemonade stand challenge, too. You get to have pink lemonade and cookies, and sometimes you have to taste test! Giving away free pink lemonade is my favorite part because it’s good for the community, and you can do it wherever you want!”

Here’s how to take the Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge:
  • Organize a pink lemonade stand and pledge to donate the money you raise to BCRF.
  • After your stand is finished and you’ve counted the money raised, donate it to PLSC’s fundraiser here: To cover cash donations, we suggest using a credit or debit card to cover the amount.
  • You can also create your own PLSC fundraising page to raise money online. Go to and click “Join Team.”
  • Be sure to share pictures and videos of your stand on social media using the hashtags #MakeAStand and #TurnItPink and tag @pinklemonadestandchallenge on Instagram and Facebook.

To learn more, visit PLSC’s website.