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At BCRF, we unite around research—believing it is the only way to achieve a future beyond breast cancer.

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people have united to be the end of cancer.

A tremendous loss. A new breast cancer breakthrough in her memory.

"As a researcher, the experience of losing you someone you love to cancer teaches you the importance of finding new and better ways to manage the disease."

In honor of his late mother, Dr. Joshua LaBaer is developing a revolutionary blood test in her memory.

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A mom on a mission to change her family’s future.

“My breast cancer experience will always be a part of me. I try to make peace with it by living life to its fullest.”

Pheodora Shin, a physician diagnosed at age 45, supports research so her children won’t follow in her footsteps.

A tragic loss. A daughter’s commitment to changing the story.

“Every day I feel connected to changing the outcomes for those living with breast cancer.”

After losing her mother to metastatic breast cancer, Margaret Flowers rerouted her career path from chef to scientist.

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One Mom’s Journey. A Family’s Dedication To Research.

"Everything changes when you get that diagnosis. Nothing is ever the same."

After her diagnosis, Michelle Stec and her family decided to honor  her journey by fundraising for BCRF.

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A terminal diagnosis. A reason to live with intention.

“If I have to have this disease, I need to give myself a purpose.”

Diagnosed with metastatic disease at age 30, Larissa Podermanski committed herself to educating the world about stage IV breast cancer.

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An Unexpected Diagnosis. A Commitment To Make A Difference.

“I’m so grateful for everything these researchers have done to save people like me.”

Before her diagnosis, Karima Zizoune didn’t know anyone who had cancer. Today, she is transforming her experience into an opportunity to help others. 

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Paddling with a purpose. Propelling advances in research.

“I was done being a patient, so I wanted to do something positive.” 

After Maria Baum completed her treatments, she turned her personal passion for paddle boarding into a wave of support for others.

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A heartbreaking loss. A lifesaving mission.

“I was so broken by my mother’s death. I needed to find a way to put the pieces back together.”

Marisa Renee Lee felt she “had to do something” after her mother died of breast cancer. That “something” turned into $1 million raised for research.

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Overcoming the stigma. One man at a time.

"For the longest time I could not say breast cancer. I was embarrassed, so I would say I had chest cancer."

Michael Singer is on a mission to make sure men diagnosed with breast cancer aren't embarrassed to talk about their disease.

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One mom’s journey. A daughter’s passion and purpose.

“My mom’s experience with metastatic breast cancer informs everything I do in my job at BCRF.” 

When her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, Zoë funneled her energy into fundraising for a cure.

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Finding inner strength. Inspiring others.

"I needed to find a way that I could impact breast cancer, and work against it as it had worked against me."

Davina McNaney reclaimed her power by running an astonishing 467-miles for breast cancer research.

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An aggressive diagnosis. A positive outlook.

"My biggest hope is for metastatic disease to become a chronic condition if it can’t be cured."

Diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer, Rochelle felt empowered by ongoing research into her disease.

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Research is her job. It also saved her life.

"I always knew that some day I would develop breast cancer because of my family history."

Dr. Electra Paskett is a three-time breast cancer survivior, and is one of the leading minds in breast cancer research.

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Star Stylist. Breast Cancer Advocate.

"As a two-time cancer survivor I think it's really important to be your own advocate, to trust your gut."

A stylist to the stars, Ann Caruso relied on her talents and optimism to overcome two breast cancer diagnoses.

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