Areas of Focus

Areas of Focus

Breast cancer is a complex disease…

with no simple solution. That’s why our researchers are investigating it from every angle. Learn more about our areas of focus and why each one is critical to stopping cancer from the start, slowing its progress, and one day preventing it altogether.

Lifestyle & Prevention

A world free of breast cancer includes preventing the disease from occurring in the first place. While some factors are out of our control, like age or gender, we have uncovered a number of ways people may be able to reduce their risk. Our researchers have demonstrated that maintaining a healthy weight, staying physically active and avoiding stress can profoundly influence prognosis and incidence. These important advances are helping empower women and men to make lifestyle changes and minimize their chances of developing the disease.

Lifestyle & Prevention Researchers

Christine B. Ambrosone, PhD

Dr. Ambrosone is a Distinguished Professor of Oncology, Chair of the Department of Cancer Prevention and Control, and Senior Vice President for Population...

BCRF Investigator Since 2008

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