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Our handy checklist will help you make sure your long-term planning is on track. Click here for a printable version.

  • Consider the impact you would like to make through your philanthropy.
  • Review your estate planning documents at least every 5 years, plus any time there is a birth, marriage, death, new tax law, or change in residence.
  • Confirm that the executor named in your will is still the person or entity you want managing your estate.
  • Ensure your beneficiaries are the ones you would like to help carry on your legacy.
  • Make sure your power of attorney and health care proxy are current.
  • Verify that your healthcare directive and living will reflect your wishes and that the person you name as your health care proxy will carry out those wishes.
  • Ensure that the guardian named in your will is someone you are comfortable with caring for your dependents and make sure you have spoken to them ahead of time.

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For all planned gifts, consult your legal and/or financial advisor as you consider your options.

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