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Bland Farms LLC

Partner Since 2010

Total Contribution

$ 230,000

Hours of Research Funded

+ 4,600

About The Program

BCRF has proudly partnered with Bland Farms since 2010. Throughout the year, Bland Farms harnesses the power of its brand, customers, communities, and employees to support the brightest minds in science. With 4,600 hours of lifesaving research funded to date, Bland Farms brings BCRF’s impact to life by spreading the message of our mission, supporting the breast cancer community, and committing critical funds that help save lives and improve outcomes.

About Bland Farms

Bland Farms, a dynamic leader in the specialized field of sweet onions, is dedicated to studying crops, growing regions, and the development of methods that will continually improve the use of soil for increased productions. Bland Farms is the largest grower, packer, and shipper of sweet onions in the United States, and the first company in the industry to market sweet onions year-round. In order to meet the needs of customers year-round, Bland Farms has expanded its growing operations beyond the borders of Georgia, across the United States, and internationally.