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Brillo (Armaly Brands)

Partner Since 2010

Total Contribution

$ 604,840

Hours of Research Funded

+ 12,097

About the Program

BCRF has proudly partnered with Brillo since 2010. Throughout the year, Brillo harnesses the power of its brand, customers, communities, and employees to support the brightest minds in science by donating $0.05 per purchase on their line of Pink Brillo Steel Wool Soap Pads and Estracell Sponges up to $50,000. Last year, Brillo enabled 500 hours of lifesaving research by donating $25,000.

About Brillo

Walled Lake, Michigan-based Armaly Brands ( is the manufacturer and marketer of consumer and commercial-grade sponges and cleaning products including industry leading brands Brillo® and Brillo® Estracell®. Founded in 1908 in the Bahamas as a worldwide producer of natural sponges, Armaly Brands has a long history of innovation in sponge technology. Armaly introduced Armaly ProPlus® polyester sponges and Estracell® More Sanitary Sponges in the 60s and America’s #1 selling driveway wash sponge AutoShow® brand SoftGrip™ in the 90’s. In 2010, Armaly Brands acquired the world’s most recognized cleaning brand, Brillo. Brillo Estracell products are the choice of more than two thirds of consumer and professional buyers who prefer polyester sponges. Brillo Estracell sponges…More Sanitary!