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Cedar’s Foods

Partner Since 2020

Total Contribution

$ 151,850

Hours of Research Funded

+ 3,037

About The Program

Since 2020, BCRF has been part of Cedar’s with Heart, Cedar’s nonprofit initiative. As proud partners, Cedar’s donates $50,000 annually to fund life-saving breast cancer research. They encourage their consumers to support this crucial cause with pink ribbon’s on all Cedar’s 8 oz. Hommus products during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October. Since their partnership began, Cedar’s has funded 3,000 hours of research towards the fighting the devastating effects of breast cancer.

About Cedars Food

Cedar’s Foods is a family owned company that is the leader in Mediterranean food products in the United States since 1981, the year that they introduced America to hommus. Their story began in the sunlit kitchens of the Mediterranean, specifically in Lebanon where Hommus is spelled with an “O”. Cedar’s founder, Abe Hanna lovingly perfected the way they make hommus there—in the old world. By the late 1990’s, Cedar’s could be found in shelves through the country. Cedar’s believes in creating the most extraordinary Mediterranean food, and searches the world for only the finest ingredients. Their commitment to quality and safety extends from their ingredients to their proprietary production processes. Cedar’s personally taste tests every batch to ensure it’s up to their standards.