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Cedar's Foods


BCRF is proud to welcome Cedar's to the Corporate Partner Family! In October 2020, all Cedar's hommus containers will include the BCRF logo, showcasing the company's incredible commitment of $50,000 to BCRF.

Cedar’s Foods is a family owned company that is the leader in Mediterranean food products in the United States since 1981, the year that thry introduced America to hommus. Their story began in the sunlit kitchens of the Mediterranean, specifically in Lebanon where Hommus is spelled with an "O". Cedar's founder, Abe Hanna lovingly perfected the way they make Hommus there—in the old world. He made it the traditional way, with pure ingredients and a simple process.

Their family got to work. They traveled to the United States with their recipe and began to sell our Hommus, Taboule and other Mediterranean foods to grocery stores throughout the northeast. By the late 1990’s, Cedar's could be found in shelves through the country. The brand continues to drive category growth year over year. Cedar's chefs have life-long expertise in Mediterranean foods. Their unique ability to create authentic recipes like those found on the Mediterranean seacoast is what sets them apart. With every bite you take, you can be sure that you are tasting a small piece of the world's finest Mediterranean food.

Cedar’s believes in creating the most extraordinary Mediterranean food, and searches the world for only the finest ingredients. Every recipe they make is hand-crafted with the same passion as the very first batch. Mediterranean foods should be made just as they are in the tiny villages that made them famous—with simple, fresh, whole, ingredients. Their commitment to quality and safety extends from their ingredients to their proprietary production processes. In Cedar's hommus, they use only the richest tahini, the freshest chickpeas and veggies, and the most authentic spices from around the globe. Cedar's personally taste tests every batch to ensure it's up to their standards. The chickpeas are the start, but every component does its part to create the perfect balance of flavors and ultimately the most supreme, delicious hommus in the country. Cedar's company motto is, “Know Better Hommus,” because they believe the world should know what the best hommus is, and there is no better hommus than theirs. 


$50,000 annually, regardless of sales

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