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Corral Boots

Partner Since 2023

About the Program

BCRF is thrilled to welcome Corral Boots to the partnerships family. This October, Corral Boots is partnering with BCRF to support the brightest minds in science with a minimum commitment of $20,000. Corral Boots is aiming to bring BCRF’s impact to life by spreading the message of our mission, supporting the breast cancer community, and committing critical funds that help save lives and improve outcomes.

About Corral Boots

In 1999, Corral Boots didn’t just introduce a boot; they kicked open the door to a revolution in style. As pioneers in blending traditional Western designs with cutting-edge fashion, Corral crafted each pair as a masterpiece, combining age-old craftsmanship with breakthrough technology. Corral isn’t just a brand: it’s a legacy. Some call our boots “works of art”. we also call it passion.

More than just a business, Corral is a heart-filled family legacy. As a family-driven enterprise, we’re hands-on at every stage, from the leather’s first grain to its last stitch. With a presence in over 1000 retail spaces, we don’t just source materials; we own the farms, ensuring ethical and sustainable practices. Our tanneries, factories, and artisans are all part of the Corral family, handpicked and nurtured, ensuring the soul of our brand remains intact in every pair.

Every Corral boot begins as a whisper of inspiration – a sunset, a texture, a fleeting thought.
Each is a tale waiting to be told. This spark of genius grows, designed to ensure a flawless journey from idea to inception. Every stitch, cut, and polish is a testament to the imagination, innovation, and dedication that infuse our brand.

Beyond just footwear, each Corral boot tells a tale. They’re more than products; they’re unique and bold statements echoing the spirit of those who wear them. It takes over 200 meticulous steps to craft each pair, ensuring that your first step is unforgettable when you step out of Corral.

The future gleams bright as we stride into new terrains, reaching untouched markets and hearts.
Yet, no matter where we go, one thing remains constant our commitment to excellence.