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Partner Since 2023

About the Program

BCRF is thrilled to welcome Hydrow to the corporate partner family!  This year, Hydrow will be donating $20,000 regardless of sales in conjunction with the launch of their limited-edition BCRF Hydrow Wave Rower.

About Hydrow

Hydrow is the leading at-home connected rower that leverages innovative technology to bring the on-water, outdoor experience of rowing to the home. Engineered by rowing experts, Hydrow recreates the feeling of rowing directly on the water via an algorithm-based, patented electromagnetic and computer-controlled drag mechanism. World-class athletes lead members through challenging rows that engage 86% of the body’s major muscle groups – twice that of cycling or running – as well as yoga, Pilates, functional movement and strength training for a full-body, full-service fitness solution. With the ability to harness the visual, auditory, and emotional components of rowing, the connected fitness rower delivers a best-in-class, full-body workout. Hydrow, Inc. was founded in 2017 by Bruce Smith, a former US National team coach and former Executive Director of Community Rowing, Inc. Headquartered in Boston, Hydrow is focused on creating whole health solutions that allow people to feel more connected to one another and live healthier lives on a daily basis.