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Mark Roberts

Partner Since 2006

Total Contribution

$ 186,771

Hours of Research Funded

+ 3,735

About The Program

BCRF has proudly partnered with Mark Roberts since 2006. Each year, Mark Roberts creates limited-edition fairies which are handmade works of art. This year, with the purchase of a Mark Roberts Charity Fairy, a minimum donation of $10,000 was made to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (the donation changes with the size of the doll). To date, Mark Roberts have enabled 3,700 hours of lifesaving research by donating over $185,000.

About Mark Roberts

Mark Roberts specializes in Limited Edition collectible Fairies, Santas, Elves & Witches, and unique Christmas decor all year around. Appropriately located in SANTA Ana, California (where Mark claims Santa & his wife Ana spend their summers!), Mark Roberts provides jobs to almost 100 families within the surrounding community. Established in 1984, Mark Roberts is very proud of his dedicated staff & their willingness to team up together for the good of others in need during annual charity events. Mark believes that each one of us is capable of making a positive difference in our world, one person at a time, one day at a time.