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Partner Since 2017

Total Contribution

$ 301,465

Hours of Research Funded

+ 6,029

About the Program

NakedCashmere has been a wonderful partner to BCRF since 2017. Starting with a luxurious 100% pure cashmere scarf created just for BCRF, the brand has expanded their support to a full LOVE Collection, including the LOVE beanie, socks, eye mask, hot water bottle, and more. The brand is committed to research year-round, and with over $300,000 total funded to date, NakedCashmere brings BCRF’s impact to life by spreading the message of our mission, supporting the breast cancer community, and committing critical funds that help save lives and improve outcomes.

About NakedCashmere

NakedCashmere is designing and producing the finest quality and environmentally conscious cashmere. Born in California, yet made in part in the finest factories across the world. Our approach to every product is simplicity and timelessness designed with exquisite attention to detail, from fabric to fit—to final production. Everything begins with high-quality yarn spun from noble and natural fibers. Sustainability and social responsibility are core to the brand. We value the importance of being able to trace cashmere from the plains of Mongolia back to your closet, in addition to biodegradable and reusable packaging. Available online at


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