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Partner Since 2022

Total Contribution

$ 7,100

Hours of Research Funded

+ 142

About the Program

BCRF is proud to have Perkies continued support in our third year of partnership. In 2024, Perkies is donating 5% of all website sales across, and agrees to a minimum donation of $1,000 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

About Perkies

Perkies creates innovative undergarments for women to wear, most notably Perkies Petals: Reusable Nipple Covers and Perkies Nips: Nipple Enhancers to provide a consistent, perky look. Perkies Nips (patent pending) are aligned with the pop culture trend of #freethenip, and an impact product for women who’ve had a mastectomy and no longer have nipples post-surgery.

When Rosie Mangiarotti first launched Perkies, she decided to donate 5% of all website sales to The Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Rather than simply offer financial support, Rosie decided to learn from breast cancer survivors and previvors. Rosie spoke on the phone with them, she listened to podcasts, she listened to Instagram Lives, and she learned. She learned that many women, post-mastectomy, do not have nipples. They lose a sense of their identity, a piece of their femininity, a part of their confidence. When Rosie created Perkies Nips, she had these women in mind. Perkies Nips launched during the summer of ’22.

Perkies is dedicated to sustainability, inclusivity, and empowering women to feel confident.