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Santa Maria Novella

Partner Since 2022

Total Contributions

$ 20,900

Hours of Research Funded

+ 418

About the Program

Santa Maria Novella has proudly partnered with BCRF since 2022. This year, Santa Maria Novella is enabling 200 hours of lifesaving breast cancer research by creating the limited edition Rosa Gardenia Scented Wax Tablet and donating $10,000 to BCRF, regardless of sales. By engaging its community, Santa Maria Novella brings BCRF’s impact to life by spreading the message of our mission, supporting those impacted by breast cancer, and committing critical funds that help save lives and improve outcomes.

About Santa Maria Novella

Officina Profumo-Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella sets its roots back to 1221. Founded as a Dominican friars’ convent, it is renowned from its beginnings for the cultivation of medicinal plants, the formulation of perfumes and cosmetics, and the creation of candles and liqueurs. Its apothecary art legacy crosses eight centuries and is deeply intertwined with Florence’s history, personality, power, and social tissue in an alchemy of tales and wonders. The oldest pharmacy in the world, it carries its activities in the very places where they all began, uniquely, more than 800 years ago.

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