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Stephanie Gottlieb

Partner Since 2020

Total Contribution

$ 118,069

Hours of Research Funded

+ 2,361

About the Program

Stephanie Gottlieb and BCRF have proudly partnered since 2020. In support of critical breast cancer research, Stephanie has designed a beautiful bracelet in honor of those impacted by breast cancer, whose stories of “THRIVING” inspire us each and every day. Throughout October, Stephanie Gottlieb donates 20% of the purchase price of each I AM: Thriving bracelet to BCRF in addition to 10% of all purchases from participating designers on

About Stephanie Gottlieb

Our mission is to inspire our customers to embrace their uniqueness, creativity and style through jewelry. We believe that jewelry is not something that is just worn based on where you are going, but rather how it makes you feel when you wear it. Each piece is intended to be delicate and sophisticated, with its own punch of personality. Stephanie curates a selection of jewelry and designers based on current industry trends, and her own personal design aesthetic. We are committed to partnering with the best design houses and brands in the world to provide our customers with a range of styles and price points to choose from.

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