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Superior Plus Propane

Partner Since 2010

Total Contribution

$ 871,737

Hours of Research Funded

+ 17,435

About The Program

Since 2010, Superior Plus Propane has partnered with the Breast Cancer Research Foundation to roll out a unique group of trucks that “deliver” a bold statement of hope! Decorated in pink and white, this fleet of vehicles is adorned with our Breast Cancer Research Foundation logo. For every gallon of heating oil and propane delivered by these trucks, Superior Plus Propane donates $0.02 to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation with a minimum guaranteed donation of $50,000 per year. To date, Super Plus Propane has raised over $870,000 funding over 17,000 of life saving research.

About Superior Plus Propane

Superior Plus Propane is a company that provides a variety of fuels and energy-related services and equipment to homes and businesses.