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Uniform Advantage

Partner Since 2020

Total Contribution

$ 90,791

Hours of Research Funded

+ 1,816

About the Program

BCRF and Uniform Advantage have proudly partnered since 2020. Each year, the multi-channel retailer of medical uniforms for medical and hospitality industries continues its partnership with BCRF by donating $20,000 in connection with the sale of special-edition uniforms and scrubs in special pink designs. “Uniform Advantage isn’t just about the uniforms; it’s about the people wearing them and those who they work to care for. Raising funds for BCRF is a way to convey to women everywhere that they are not alone; from the doctors down to their scrubs, the medical industry is here for you.” -Susan Masimore, President & CEO

About Uniform Advantage

For more than thirty-five years, the name Uniform Advantage® has meant: style, quality and above all, customer satisfaction. In the competitive world of medical uniforms, UA’s name is synonymous with fine quality combined with favorable pricing in both its retail business ventures and web-based platform. UA strives to provide the best selection of scrubs and nursing uniforms at prices that can’t be beat to professionals around the world. With every new season comes an exciting new line of uniforms in bright new colors and styles. UA Scrubs, the company’s exclusive line of medical & nursing scrubs, features some of the most in demand medical apparel around. These exclusive collections offer some of the best fitting, quality made uniforms & scrubs on the market today. UA’s comfortable and professional UA Scrubs collections are offered in a variety of colors, prints and styles, many at discount prices. Since UA’s uniforms travel the hallways of medical offices and hospitals on a daily (and nightly) basis, those charities and organizations that support breakthroughs and improvements in the medical field have a very special place in UA’s heart. UA’s valued customers are the true heroes giving back with every shift they work, but UA also takes pride in supporting a variety of charitable organizations both locally in South Florida and nationwide to do its part. Whether you are a nurse, doctor, dentist, or medical technician, you can be sure that you are buying the best quality made scrubs at Uniform Advantage.