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Pack your favorite recipe and blend fresh smoothies and shakes at the gym, outdoors or anywhere you’d like with the Dash Portable USB Blender! A powerful DC motor can handle fruits, veggies and small ice cubes, while the 12.8oz Blending Bottle holds the perfect amount for a single serving; plus, the Blender is rechargeable! The Blending Bottle comes with a leak-resistant Drinking Lid, so you can enjoy smoothies on the go, and the ​​bottle is made of a durable clear Tritan™ material that won’t shatter or get foggy over time. Grab the included Recipe Guide and get started making delicious drinks!

  • The Dash Portable USB Blender is perfect for making and drinking fresh and delicious smoothies, shakes and more on the go!
  • Durable Tritan™ Blending Bottle with leak-resistant Drinking Lid lets you blend and enjoy wherever you’d like.
  • Powerful 50w DC motor gets up to 17,000 RPMs and blends a smooth consistency.
  • Rechargeable USB battery takes only 1-2 hours to fully charge and can last for up to 20 blending cycles.
  • Large 12.8oz capacity is great for blending post-workout recovery shakes, healthy pasta sauces at home, you name it!
  • Simple one-touch functionality: just push the Power button to run a 40-second blend cycle.
  • 4 stainless steel blades blend fruits and veggies with ease and won’t dull over time.
  • Base includes a Blade Cap to make it easily portable.
  • Includes: Dash Portable USB Blender, Tritan™ Blending Bottle, Drinking Lid, USB-C Charging Cable, Recipe Guide.
  • 1-year manufacturer warranty, 2-year warranty available with registration to the Feel Good Rewards program.
  • Designed in NYC. US-Based Customer Support available.
  • 50W
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