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Behind the Ribbon x

Dorraya El-Ashry knew since grade school she wanted to be a cancer scientist. By the time she was in college, she found her calling. After the mothers of two of her best friends died from metastatic breast cancer, she decided to pursue a career to help other families avoid a similar fate.

For Margaret Flowers, Associate Director, Grants and Scientific Communications, the road to BCRF was an unconventional one marked by diverse experiences with the defining moment being the loss of her mother to metastatic breast cancer in 1991 that rerouted her career path from chef to scientist.

When Peg Mastrianni first arrived at the Breast Cancer Research Foundation in 2001, there were just a handful of employees and a small number of research grants dedicated to the organization’s mission of eradicating breast cancer through research.

Growing up, Marc Hurlbert always knew he wanted to be a scientist.  His interest in human biology was driven from his mother who died four weeks after he was born.

Stephanie Hamburger worked for BCRF for seven years before the cause hit close to home. While she had spoken to numerous survivors, family members and researchers throughout her tenure at the Foundation, her best friend’s breast cancer diagnosis gave her a tough reality check.

Whenever Carol picks up the phone, she has to be prepared. For the past 11 years, she has been the person BCRF fundraisers call to receive advice, ask questions and brainstorm creative ways to support lifesaving breast cancer research.