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Cancer Divides We Unite x

Pheo Breast Cancer Story

When Pheodora Shin was diagnosed with breast cancer, she was shocked. While the disease was not foreign to her—both her mother and aunt had been diagnosed—as a physician, she was not ready to assume the role as the patient. 

When Margaret Flowers learned her mother was facing metastatic breast cancer, she made the decision to be with her. She loaded up her van and drove across the country from Arizona to her mother’s home in Wilmington, DE.

Editor's Note: It is with great sadness that we share the news that Larissa Podermanski passed away from metastatic breast cancer on May 10, 2018. Larissa was a passionate advocate for research and used her personal blog Metastatically Speaking to candidly share her desire to live with purpos

Patsy Callahan

For Patsy Callahan, breast cancer runs in her blood. After watching her mother die of metastatic disease over two decades ago, she remembered feeling eerily destined to follow in her footsteps.

Like many survivors, Karima Zizoune remembers the moment she learned she had breast cancer all too clearly. Though it happened seven years ago, she can still recall how her doctor’s hands shook as he held the results of her mammogram and biopsy in front of him.

With no family history of the disease, the news came as a complete shock when Maria Baum was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2011 at the age of 42. Shortly after her diagnosis, Maria was introduced to paddle boarding by her close friend, Richard Perry.

Unable to heal her mother’s breast cancer, Marisa Renee Lee sought a way to make an impact on the disease that ultimately took her mother’s life. Her desire to eradicate breast cancer and find some meaning in her mother’s battle became her driving force as well as a coping mechanism.

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