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COVID-19 x

a covid-19 vaccine being drawn out by a needle against a light pink background

More than a year into the coronavirus pandemic, patients with breast cancer, survivors, and loved ones are still dealing with layers of fear and uncertainty about staying safe and healthy, undergoing treatment, and securing a COVID-19 vaccine.

A doctor looks at a patient's mammogram

As the pandemic has stretched on for more than half a year, many women are undoubtedly wondering: Should I go in for my annual mammogram? Is it safe?

A well-balanced diet can lower your risk of developing breast cancer and even improve your outcome rates after a diagnosis, among numerous other benefits. But many Americans struggle to eat the recommended amounts of vegetables, fruits, and whole grains—and that’s during normal times.

The breast cancer community is under tremendous stress as the COVID-19 crisis continues to rage across the country.


Finding 30 minutes to exercise each day can be tough—and that’s during normal times.

As the country navigates COVID-19, cancer patients are facing tremendous stress and anxiety. Managing that stress can be overwhelming.