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Fundraiser Friday x

After her friend was diagnosed with breast cancer five years ago, Christine Winston remembered feeling helpless. As she watched her friend go through surgery, treatment, and eventually enter remission, she felt inspired to help others facing a cancer diagnosis.

Two weeks after celebrating her fiftieth birthday, Kim Ruck heard the words no one ever wants to hear: she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Now five years later and in remission, the veteran dance instructor decided to celebrate this milestone by hosting a fundraiser for BCRF in October.

Ashley Bell had recently fallen in love with sailing when she learned her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer. This was the second time her mom was faced with the disease – but it Ashley’s first time watching her mom go through treatment.

Like many eighth graders, Allegra Colonna has her share of hobbies. She plays softball, the violin and guitar. She loves to read, play with her dog and go to concerts. And her cell phone is with her every step of the way.

After losing his sister-in-law Missy to breast cancer nearly five years ago, Loren Balkowitsch has devoted himself to a lofty goal: raise awareness and funds for breast cancer research to eradicate the disease altogether.

Each year, Franke McDowell spearheads a fundraiser unlike any other. Her close-knit community of St. Joseph, Missouri, dons pink as they walk down their local parkway to honor those affected by breast cancer. For Franke, the cause is personal.

After losing his mother to breast cancer in 1988, when he was 12 years old, high school baseball coach Jeff Murphy decided to utilize his passion for baseball to raise funds and awareness in his own community.

Sisters Lauryn and Camryn Streid and their friend Ally Michaels share a love for swimming. The Illinois girls have been swim teammates for years. While they enjoy perfecting their strokes in the lap pool, on land they share a more difficult experience.

In February, Mike Werb and his wife Jaclyn had just welcomed their two-month-old son into the world when their lives turned upside down. Jaclyn, 29, was breastfeeding Luke when she discovered a lump on her breast.

After watching her best friend of more than 30 years Roxanne die of metastatic breast cancer, Carol McCarthy struggled with a way to honor her memory.  She grappled with grief and couldn’t bear to involve herself in anything that could remind her of the pain she witnessed firsthand.