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a portrait of anne thompson smiling at the camera and wearing a blue sweater

Anne Thompson learned she had breast cancer by voicemail. As she sat at her desk in the newsroom and heard that the suspicious mass in her breast was malignant, she had one thought: I’m going to die. “I don't think anyone who gets cancer thinks anything else but that,” she said.

a portrait of aubrey smiling at the camera wearing a tan polo shirt

Around Valentine’s Day in 2016, Aubrey Glencamp, then 33, was lying in bed when his wife, Stephanie, noticed a lump on his left-hand side. A few months later, he got a call from his doctor that he had stage II breast cancer.

Angeles poses for a portrait virtually, holding her hands next to her face

When Angeles Almuna first got the news that she had breast cancer, she thought, “Wow, I’m going to die.”

John Keatley photographs Melissa Thompson and her daughter, Poppy, via FaceTime in 2020

Each year, BCRF features stories from people impacted by breast cancer as part of our annual storytelling initiative, Research Is the Reason.

a close-up portrait of Samantha and her son Benjamin

With the heady newborn bubble behind them, Samantha Griffith Shoobs and her husband were coming into their own as parents and delighting in watching their one-year-old son, Benjamin, change before their eyes.

a portrait of bcra2 carrier dave looking away from the camera

When David Reid, 67, learned he was a BRCA2 gene mutation carrier, the news filled in a lot of blanks for him.

portrait of eileen, actor emma myles' mom, who is a breast cancer survivor

In 1985, when Eileen Bigsby was diagnosed with breast cancer for the first time at the age of 32, “people didn’t really talk about breast cancer” and the care was “less high-tech” than it is now.

portrait of actor emma myles

Emma Myles was only two years old when her mom, Eileen, was first diagnosed with breast cancer after finding a lump in her breast.

portrait of jade and her daughter

In December 2018, Jade Tan was just starting to tell family and friends the exciting news that she and her husband, Inigo, were expecting their second child. Her daughter, Clara, would be becoming a big sister.

portrait of suzette simon wearing an afro wig and smiling at the camera in a pink top

When Suzette Simon found out she had breast cancer in her right breast after a routine mammogram, her first thought was: I’m sorry, mom.