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Dorraya El-Ashry
Working with BCRF’s Scientific Advisory Board, El-Ashry to lead grant program, directly influencing the trajectory of breast cancer research
Historical breast cancer objects now on display in the “Giving in America” exhibit
A new pilot program will encourage and facilitate data sharing among researchers.
Team BCRF TCS New York City Marathon
Learn how you can become a Team BCRF runner in this year’s 26.2-mile race
How to find new strategies for the prevention and treatment of metastatic breast cancer.
Boston-based Philanthropist Karen Hale Joins BCRF’s Board of Directors
Drs. Ian Smith, Eric Winer and Ann Partridge were recognized for their contributions in breast cancer research.
Researchers shared new findings on breast cancer treatment and prevention.
Investigating Breast Cancer 1
How cancer grows and why it reacts or resists certain treatments
This year, BCRF will award grants designed to advance breast cancer prevention research.