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4 Tips For Kids to Stay Healthy and Reduce Cancer Risk

By BCRF | March 9, 2016

BCRF researcher Dr. Graham Colditz shares tips parents can use to keep kids happy and healthy

Reducing cancer risk can begin early in life. Here BCRF researcher Dr. Graham Colditz shares a few tips to help your kids achieve an overall healthier life—for benefits that continue into late adulthood.

1. Let your kids be kids

When it comes down to it, all kids love to be active.  As parents, it’s important that we give our kids the opportunity every day to move and play.

2. Double down on “eat your vegetables”

Growing evidence shows that a plant-based diet in youth and young adulthood is important for lifelong breast health; so try to serve your kids a lot of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains from an early age.

3. Talk with your kids early about tobacco and alcohol

Tobacco and alcohol are important breast cancer risk factors, and drinking and smoking in youth and young adulthood seem particularly key when it comes to adult breast health. So, it’s good to start conversations early with your kids about avoiding tobacco and alcohol. 

4. Be honest with yourself about your kid’s weight

It’s not uncommon for parents to have trouble seeing their overweight child as overweight.  But, it’s important to be honest about where your child falls in the weight range, so you can help them make any necessary changes to what they eat and how active they are.  (see CDC: About Child and Teen BMI