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9-Year-Old Wants Kids Everywhere to Take the Pink Lemonade Challenge This Summer For Breast Cancer Research

By BCRF | May 14, 2018

Brynne Rhodes supports research with her pink version of the traditional summer lemonade stand.

For the third summer in a row, 9-year-old Brynne Rhodes will break out her pitcher and pink lemonade to raise funds for BCRF. This year, her signature pink lemonade stand comes with a twist: Brynne is challenging other kids to do the same.

For Brynne, the cause is personal. She started her pink lemonade stand after her mom, Kim, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015. Unfortunately, this was not the first time her family was impacted by the disease. Brynne’s great-grandmother, grandmother and aunt had all previously been diagnosed with breast cancer and she fundraises to honor their memory. 

Kim is grateful for the treatments and research that saved her life. “This is our way of paying it forward,” says Kim. “We need to stop breast cancer before the next generation has to face this terrifying illness.” 

Inspired by their connection to the cause, Brynne and Kim are encouraging others to take on the Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge this summer. They hope that more kids will follow in Brynne’s footsteps and challenge their friends to join and help raise significant funds for research and awareness about breast cancer.

Brynne hopes this year’s impact will be greater than ever before. Her first Pink Lemonade Stand raised over $100 for BCRF. Brynne’s friend Maddie joined the team for the second annual Pink Lemonade Stand and together they raised over $1,000. This year the team’s combined goal is $50,000.

“We’re excited to get more kids involved this year and help make a difference,” Brynne says.

Interested in taking on Brynne’s Pink Lemonade Stand Challenge? 

Here’s how you can get involved:  

1) Regardless of where you live, organize your own pink lemonade stand this summer and pledge to donate the money you raise to BCRF. 

2) Count the money with the kids and make a donation to BCRF at You can use your credit card to make a donation in an amount equal to the amount raised at the pink lemonade stand.

3) Stand with us – together, we will be the end of breast cancer!

Interested in creating your own fundraising page for your pink lemonade stand? Go to and click the orange “Join Team” button on the left hand side!